All about National cash advance!

National cash advance, a company with yet another form of payday loan. Suppose, you are in an emergency that you have a payday within a few days and of course, you do not have enough money to pay. What are you going to do at that moment? There are many ways; you can solve this issue. Among those, the worst possible alternative is a payday loan. In addition, for sure, there are many forms of these payday loans. Companies like national cash advance use their own versions of payday loans. Let us have a quick look at this spot loan company.

National cash advance

National cash advance is a typical payday loan company offering a form of payday advances or loans to people with issues regarding bank penalties, insufficient fund, paydays and similar. It claims itself as subsidized by a company or group named ‘Grupo Elektra’, a banking service provider in Latin America. Its website also tells them to be a founding member of an association named as ‘Community Financial Services Association.national cash advance

National cash advance offers a variety of financial services including payday loan. However, it has some differences with other lending companies of its kind. For example, you have to go to a National cash advance centre to get a loan, as it is not like a direct lender online. Besides, it does not offer installment loans like payday installment loans, long term installment loans, quick installment loans, loans with convenient installment, bad credit loans retail installment etc. Rather, it provides its customers an appointment date to repay the total loan with interest and fees.

The lending process of national cash advance

According to the company, the process of lending only needs two days consisting a day of applying and getting the loan and another day for repaying! At day one, all you have to do is to go to national cash advance centre in your locality with documents, including an ID, some kind of proof of income and obviously a bank statement. What is next? Well just fill up an application form, sign some agreement forms and a personal check against the loan amount along with the fees. The next step is to fix an appointment date for your return and repayment of the loan. Now, you are ready to get the loan on the spot! The remaining day in the process is evidently the day you return to repay your loan with interest and reclaim the personal check. Therefore, you are done!

Reviews about National cash Advance

The above description is what national cash advance tells about itself. Hence, there are other parties out there to judge something. We should look at those reviews to get a clear view of something. Let us see what customers and other rating agencies tell about it.


BBB stands for better business bureau, which is located in Florida. It has been serving people with their business decision for over 100 years. The main task of it is to set standards to identify business with ethical behavior. There are almost 400,000 businesses with BBB accreditation. Besides, there are almost 4 million reviews of different businesses to help people find the trustworthy business. It also sets standards for advertisers and different charities and evaluate their performances and ethics upon those standards.

BBB grades a business relying on seven factors, namely complaints against the business taken by BBB, the pattern of business, the length of business, business background information, dishonoring commitments to BBB, issues regarding licensing and government action and finally issues regarding advertising.

National cash advance scored a ‘D+’ on the scale of ‘A+’ to ‘F’. This reveals the low trustworthiness of the business as BBB further explains the reason behind the low score of the business. Among those reasons, the first thing is the complaints against it. There are specifically eight of them and two of them are serious complaints. Besides, BBB does not know the type, size of the business and the business does not have a BBB accreditation. The most surprising matter is that BBB requested for background information to this company. However, they did not respond and/or BBB were unable to verify information provided by them! Another surprising thing is that while resolving the complaints against national cash advance, BBB could not locate the business! So, how can you trust something that you cannot locate during a time of emergency? In addition, obviously, how can even think of taking a loan from a company that cannot be located? It should be a matter of great concern!


The consumer complaints against national cash advance are more serious at ‘‘scambook’ ’ website. There are seventeen of them and ten of them are considered as authentic by the ‘scambook’. The average cash damage of the seventeen complaints is $365.08 calculated by ‘scambook’! The total amount of cash damages according to those complaints is $6,206.28 according to ‘scambook’! So, think before you act!

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